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Friday, November 17, 2006

i need sleep. I can't even catch type o's. My son has been up for days and I might be on my way to the ER A new medication works well on the nerve pain but not on other pain. Damn. I hate to do this on a Friday. I hope I can post everyday no matter how offensive it is............... Just in case this is today. I gotto go........chow; I paged the doctor twice today as usual during a medication change. We upped the meds and Zach is not on his way to the ER. I like this medication he just needs more. Bummer for me it means I have to go back sooner to see the docs and get Perscriptions. I don't know how they tolerate seeing so much of me. During the first year It was not uncommon for me to cry during our visit and I would just ask them to ignore it. How long can a person go without sleep?? They were true gentlemen and let me cry and act as if I wasn't.
I was just so relieved that I wasn't alone trying to help Zach anymore. I think it was Post traumatic crying. These guys are super human.

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