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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sounds Good to Me!

I 've been playing phone tag with a long lost friend. It doesn't make sense that we are friends and some people don't like it. They certainly don't understand it. It was a time and space thing. He has cyctic fibrosis and thought he'd be dead before he was twenty eight. I have a son with an illness. So even though the illness wasn't in my body, I understood how it controlled his life. We just get it. That's all we have in common but it was huge for both of us. He is young and gay and finally getting over partying and getting into to his college classes. This is how i've been defined for the past twelve years. Zach's mom. It's even on the plates of my car. Zach's mom.
I've been trying to integrate a little more Jippy back into the equation. Sometimes it starts by talking to people who really know who you are. So I am dying to have coffee with an old friend. It's been phone tag. Finally he calls me today while I'm out to coffee with another old friend. He was happy for me but had to tell me how many times he's listened to my voicemail because I sound so good. Trust me, I know what he meant by that. Gay or not i have what it takes. He knows the story so he was probably teasing me too.
We both used to try every scheme to make money while staying home because we had too. Over Turkish coffee, I told Sasa my most embarrassing job story. I was on the verge of getting a job on a telephone customer service line. This was going to be a great job for me. I have worked as a credit manager for a large import export company and could resolve issues diplomaticallly. I looked forward to being challeged and really I just wanted to work. I called into the company for my final interview.
The receptionist was nice and transfered my call to her supervisor right away. Apparently, she thought she knew why I was calling. It turned out that this company had another telephone service division. It was a phone sex line! I was not prepared for that interview! You have to keep the men on the line as long as possible. Well, for the most part it will be men. Are you able to handle it if it's a women calling? uhhh??? I'm sorry, I'm confused. We were both very embarrassed and unable to stop laughing. I'm afriad our receptionist made a mistake and transfered you to the wrong division. I said, yes, she has, and tell her I said, Thanks for the compliment. Have a good day mam, goodbye. I'm still laughing over it, and that sounds good to me!


rachel said...

oof! that's hilarious! happy black friday!

angela said...

Thank you for the visit and the compliment. I hope the wedding goes well..
Love that post, made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Please give me a call soon : )