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Friday, November 03, 2006

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Anonymous said...

I know the kind of pain you little guy is in. Poor little one. I hope the neuro can help. I use lidocain patches, neurontin for pain and seizures, topamax too, and morphine 4 times a day for pain. Even with all that the complex pain isn't under control in my right ankle. It is still so bad I haven't been able to wear anything but a slip on shoe in over 6 years.
If you ever need any advice just leave me a note in my blog. we should exchange emails. think hotmail and you will find me.
Peace always.
oh, I love the randomizer too.

Kizz said...

Hey, I'm not sure what you mean about wanting a real link to my blog. It's, I'm not too technically savvy so I don't know how to make that into a pretty little hyperlink here in the comments, sorry.

I can't make it pretty but I can give you this link on how to put links in your post:

God, that's ugly, I hope you can use it.