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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I was waiting on a sign. I wasn't sure if I change my script. I just didn't know if I wanted to work on this or take on something new. I was thinking about blogging. A Blog showed up on my screen and it was a story about what happened when he sold his first script. Then I when I went to turn on I tunes I hit the final Draft button. I had tivo on for Zach and a scence come up that was the real reason I saved the show. It was The Most Extreme Cats. It a a bit about a tribe. I wasn't sure where to start my story. I just found out I need to leave it alone. Leave the beginning at the beginning. I could cut it off and I would have still have a movie. Something commercial and less of a story. I guess I'll leave that cutting to the director or the editor but I am writing the whole story. I am not a good writer but I am an excellent story teller. eventually I use the other side of my brain and clean things up. I am sort of the dyslexic typer. I get letters in words that belong in words two sentences away. I think I should try to increase my speed a little it might be better for me to type faster. I am not sure. I can type as fast as I talk but not as fast as I think. That should be my goal. My goal is to meet my deadline for this year. I will because I can't live without it. I just have to finish this. I am getting excited because I got a sign. Now I can get out of my own way and finish this. I love this story. I am scared of the bad guy. It's like having a pet spider.

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